Cleanly Peeled Chestnuts

Cleanly Peeled Chestnuts

If you are having a tough time peeling chestnuts, give this a go!
This is how I peel mine.


Fresh chestnuts
as many as you need
Boiling water
as needed
as needed


1. Put the whole chestnuts in a pot of freshly boiled water. This will make the outer shell easier to peel. Any chestnuts that float are most likely bruised.
2. Cut into the base of the chestnut. Cutting deeply gives a cleaner finish.
3. Slice off the peel all the way around the chestnut.
4. I go around the sides of the chestnut, while peeling off both the outer shell and inner skin, like this.
5. The remaining outer shell can easily be pulled off. Then peel off all the inner skin.
6. Now, they're cleanly peeled without any rough cut marks. Soak them in a bowl of water.
7. Once you finish peeling all of the chestnuts, rinse off any starch or dirt.
8. They are good to use to make candied chestunts, too, for when you want something blissfully sweet.
9. Also try adding rich chunks to rice to make chestnut rice.

Story Behind this Recipe

When September rolls around, I get busy cooking with chestnuts.
I wanted to share my method of peeling them.