Rich and Smooth Black Sesame Pudding

Rich and Smooth Black Sesame Pudding

No need for heavy cream. This is a Japanese style pudding, which you can really enjoy the sesame flavor.

Ingredients: 4 pudding molds

Black sesame paste (or sesame paste)
30 g
300 ml
20 g
*Condensed milk
1 tablespoon
◯Gelatin powder
6 g
30 g


1. Soak the gelatin in water.
2. Add * ingredients to a pot, and turn on the heat to low. Simmer until it starts to boil while stirring with a spatula, and turn off the heat.
3. Add the gelatin from Step 1, mix, and dissolve in residual heat.
4. Put the black sesame paste in a bowl. Add 1/3 of the Step 3 mixture to the bowl, and mix well. Then add the remaining mixture, and mix some more.
5. Pour the Step 4 mixture into the pot that was used for warming the milk, straining with a tea strainer. (It will reduce the number of dishes).
6. Plunge the pot into ice-cold water. Alternately, you can transfer it to the bowl from Step 4, then do the same. Stir occasionally with a spatula, and let it chill until thickened.
7. Pour the mixture into pudding molds, and put it in the fridge to harden.
8. This pudding is delicious with a rich and thick taste even though I didn't use heavy cream. You can also shape the pudding with cookie cutters.

Story Behind this Recipe

I'm addicted to healthy sweets...
I wanted to make a pudding with black sesame paste to savoy the sesame flavor!