California Roll

California Roll

How about having some California Rolls for a house party?

Ingredients: 4~6 servings (4 rolls' worth)

A) Smoked salmon
12 slices
A) Snow crab
8 pieces
A) Avocado
A) Mayonnaise
as needed
A) Buckwheat sprouts or radish sprouts
as desired
Tobiko (flying fish roe)
as needed
Lemon juice
a small amount
White sesame seeds
to taste
Large nori seaweed
4 sheets
Sushi rice
as needed
Soy sauce with wasabi mixed in
as needed


1. Cut the avocado vertically around the pit with a knife. Remove the pit and skin and slice into 1 cm wide slices. Sprinkle with some lemon juice to retain the color.
2. Line the sushi rolling mat with plastic wrap. Mix up the tobiko evenly and spread over the nori. Top with the sushi rice and lightly press down.
3. The nori is won't stick everything together, so if you pack it too full of sushi rice and fillings, it will break. Be careful not to use too much rice or filling.
4. Put the "A" ingredients on top, just off-center. Carefully roll it all up, being careful to roll the fillings in. At the same time, you can add tobiko to some white sesame seeds to roll on the outside.
5. Cut the roll into large bite-sized pieces to finish. Eat with some wasabi and soy sauce.
6. Aside from buckwheat sprouts and radish sprouts, you can use other sprouts, shiso leaves, kale, arugula, sweet and sour ginger, etc.
7. For the filling, I also recommend roast beef or cured ham, cream cheese, etc.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make this for a party.