Sugar-Free Fruit Kanten Jelly

Sugar-Free Fruit Kanten Jelly

This is a delicious juice jelly solidified with kanten, which contains no added sugar. It is refreshing without the excess sweetness. It is also good with freshly squeezed juice.


◎Powdered kanten
~1 heaping teaspoon
◎Water + juice (100% concentrate)
100 ml combined
Juice (100% concentrate)
250 ml
(I used grapefruit juice)
Mint leaves, kuromame cooked black beans
to your liking


1. Add the ◎ ingredients to a pot, and heat over low. Check the taste of the fruit juice, and adjust by adding water if it's too acidic. For this, we are using just juice.
2. Heat over an extremely low heat while stirring with a rubber spatula, and continue to heat after bringing to a boil for 3 minutes while continuously stirring (This will boil over if the heat is too strong, so be careful!)
3. Turn off the heat, add 250 ml of juice, and pour into a mold (using a Tupperware container, etc.) Chill the fridge to solidify once it cools.
4. Remove from the mold once it cools and solidifies completely, cut into approximate sizes, and stab the kanten with a toothpick. Or, cut into cubes with a knife.
5. Arrange into containers and garnish with black beans and mint. Please add any leftover juice from Step 4 as well (enjoy as syrup).
6. You can also pair this with moderately sweet matcha milk sauce. (I used just a hint of fruit flavored green tea leaves).
7. You can also enjoy this deliciously by topping with fruit and orange kanten jello. Recipe ID: 1215583.
8. I used grapefruit juice this time, but you can make it with anything. You can also use squeezed (or grated) fruit.
9. I made this with sugar. Recipe ID: 1164079. Check out "Simple! Fruit Kanten Using You Favorite Juice."

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a sugar-free fruit kanten that you can use as a part of a dessert or to enjoy the natural sugars of the juice.