Double Fruit Kanten Made with Orange Kanten Gelée

Double Fruit Kanten Made with Orange Kanten Gelée

This is a dessert that allows you to enjoy the differing textures of the kanten along with the taste of the fruit juices. This is a non-sugar dessert. Feel free to serve it as an after-dinner dessert, or at parties.

Ingredients: ~6 servings

Orange Kanten Gelée:
◎Powdered kanten
1 teaspoon
◎100% orange juice
100 ml
◎White wine
1 tablespoon
◎Lemon juice
about 2 tablespoons
100% orange juice
200 ml
Canned fruit
1 can
Fresh fruit
As desired
Cooked kuromame
As desired
Kanten (store-bought or homemade, either one)
About 2 cups
Mint leaves
as needed


1. Add the ◎ ingredients to a pot, turn on low heat, and heat while stirring with a rubber spatula. Continue to heat over a very low flame after it reaches a boil.
2. Add 200ml orange juice to step 1, and chill in an ice water bath. Puree the orange kanten gelée after it cools, and this part is done.
3. This won't solidify if you heat up the citric acid and kanten together. It won't coagulate well, so it will return to the state of step 2 if you let it be without even mixing.
4. Drain the water from the canned fruit, cut into bite sizes on top of paper towel to rid any excess water. Drain the water from the kanten, too.
5. Cut the fruit up into bite sizes (I used oranges today). Feel free to use your favorite fruit.
6. Chill all of the prepared ingredients in the fridge until you are ready to eat them.
7. Line up the kanten in a bowl. I am using store-bought kanten and homemade grapefruit kanten today. Add in the fruit as well.
8. Top with the kanten gelée, check the balance, and add the fruit on top. Arrange it with boiled kuromame beans or mint leaves.
9. I think it is good to serve kanten gelée in an equal portion to fruits/kanten.
10. I think it's also good to arrange the fruit and kanten together in a big glass bowl, top with the kanten gelée and eat together.
11. This is also delicious if you use it after step 2 in yogurt or on ice cream.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made a kanten dessert to enjoy the citrusy sweetness of fresh orange juice.