Okonomiyaki with Lots of Cabbage

Okonomiyaki with Lots of Cabbage

This is a Kansai-style okonomiyaki. Challenge yourself to achieve a result that's crispy on the outside, and soft and light on the inside.

Ingredients: about 6 pancakes

Cake flour
200 g
Dashi stock
200 ml
Yamaimo yam
60 g
Thinly sliced pork belly
6 slices


1. Mix the grated yamaimo yam, dashi stock, eggs, and cake flour together. Let rest for about an hour.
2. After the batter has rested, add the chopped squid. The juices of the squid is important too.
3. Chop the cabbage into 5 mm or smaller pieces.
4. Add a handful of cabbage to 1 ladle full of batter. Mix to incorporate lots of air.
5. Pour the mixture into a pan and place the pork slices on top.
6. Cover with a lid and let steam.
7. When you flip the okonomiyaki over, it will look like this. A small non-stick pan is easy to use.
8. Flip over again. The pork will be crispy. It's done.
9. It has lots of cabbage.

Story Behind this Recipe

In Kansai, the cabbage is the star of an okonomiyaki pancake, and the batter just holds it together. The batter is not the star. It's kind of like a cabbage pancake, with a crispy surface and a light and fluffy inside. I think a simple okonomiyaki with just squid and pork tastes the best.