Iced Coffee at Home

Iced Coffee at Home

Have you ever tried cold-brew coffee?
It's refreshingly delicious and very easy to make.


For 5 - 8 cups
Regular coffee for cold-brew
50 to 80 g
Large empty tea bags
1 liter
1 liter container
1 cup worth (to taste test??)
1 single-serve pack of coffee
150 ml


1. Weigh the ground coffee and fill the empty tea bags. Once you get the hang of it, you can eyeball it.
2. Put the bags into a container and fill with 1 liter of water, store in the refrigerator for 8 hours, then it's done.
3. If you leave the bags in, the coffee will become bitter, so remove, then stir. Since the coffee in our home disappears quickly, I leave them in. Adjust the amount of coffee grounds to your liking.

Story Behind this Recipe

I always use a specialized cold-brew pot to make iced coffee, but I use this recipe when I'm making a large amount or when I'm at my parents' house.
Making your own iced coffee is better for the environment, since you won't have to waste a plastic bottle.
(With the specialized cold-brew pot, you don't even need tea bags!)