Homemade Kampyo (Dried Gourd) Rolls with a "Grown-Up" Flair

Homemade Kampyo (Dried Gourd) Rolls with a "Grown-Up" Flair

Nicknamed "sabi-kan" (short for "wasabi kanpyo"), this kampyo roll has wasabi in it, so it's made for grown ups.
It's great as a drinking appetizer.

Ingredients: 4 rolls

Plain cooked rice
1 rice cooker cup (180 ml) cooked "al dente"
☆ Vinegar
20 ml
☆ Sugar
10 g
☆ Salt
a small amount
Stewed kampyo
about 50 g
White sesame seeds
to taste
to taste
Toasted nori seaweed
2 sheets


1. Cook the rice al dente using a little less water than usual, empty into a wide dish (like a wooden sushi rice tub), pour over the combined ☆ ingredients in a circular motion, then mix with cutting motions.
2. Fold each sheet of nori in half to make 4 sheets.
3. Place one sheet of nori from Step 2 on a sushi rolling mat, spread on 1/4 of the sushi rice from Step 2, dab a thin layer of wasabi in the middle, then sprinkle sesame seeds over the rice.
4. Place strips of kampyo on top of rice from Step 3, roll up the rice in the nori from the edge closest to you stopping once to tightly squeeze the roll, then continue to roll it up.
5. Lightly dampen a knife, slice the roll from Step 4 into quarters, transfer to a dish and serve!

Story Behind this Recipe

I recreated the kampyo roll with wasabi that I once had at a sushi shop.