Our favorite Oden Hot Pot

Our favorite Oden Hot Pot

You don't need rice water to get rid of bitterness of daikon radish! You don't need oden soup stock to make a tasty oden hot pot. I changed the photos and quantities.


Daikon radish
Whatever fish cakes you prefer
as needed
Shirataki noodles (bundled and knotted)
1 packets
Kombu for dashi stock
about 10 cm piece
Or kombu tied into knots
as needed
Beef tendons
2 to 3
☆Dashi stock granules
1 tablespoon and plus
1/2 teaspoon
30 ml
Soy sauce
30 ml
1000 ml


1. Peel the daikon skins thickly and slice into 2 cm thick rounds. Shave the edges off the daikon slices.
2. Score the surface of konnyaku and cut into 4 pieces. Cut each piece diagonally in half.
3. Add Step 1 to the pot and submerge in water (not listed). Put on the stove and bring to a boil. After bringing to a boil, discard the water and pour in fresh water. Bring back to a boil and repeat this process until the daikon is translucent.
4. Boil water in another pan and add Step 2, shirataki konnyaku and fish cakes. After bringing to the boil and strain the ingredients in a colander.
5. Put the beef tendons in a separate saucepan with water and a little sake (not listed). After bringing to a boil, strain in a colander.
6. Add the water and kombu to the daikon pot and put over heat. Just before boiling, reduce the heat and add Steps 4, 5 and ☆.
7. Cook for 15 minutes without covering with a lid and skim off any scum. Add soy sauce and simmer for more than 20 minutes. Add some water or hot water if necessary.
8. Cut the hanpen into 4 and arrange on top of everything. After simmering for a while, serve! Do not boil the soup while simmering.
9. I like eating this daikon with tororo kombu on top.

Story Behind this Recipe

Once, I was taught how to get rid of the bitterness of daikon radish. Since then I follow this way.