Chewy Gummies Easily Made in the Microwave

Chewy Gummies Easily Made in the Microwave

These gummies can be easily made in the microwave; there are only 3 steps!! Try it with your favourite flavours.


Juice, Calpis or tea - whatever flavored liquid you like
80 ml
10 g
Sugar (optional)
as needed


1. Pour the juice into a heatproof container and microwave for about 2 minutes. (600W)
2. Add the gelatin into the juice from Step 1 and stir well so it dissolves.
3. Pour the mixture into a candy mold and chill in the fridge.
4. You can also pour it into a tray or container, and cut out your desired shapes once it has set.

Story Behind this Recipe

I was thinking I could make easy gummies in the microwave.