California Rolls (Popular in the States)

California Rolls (Popular in the States)

The roll itself is already seasoned well so you can easily eat it without any soy sauce. A lady in America asked me to teach her how to make this dish.

Ingredients: 6 rolls

[For sushi rice]
3 rice cooker cups (480 ml)
White sesame seeds
a lot
Nori seaweed
6 sheets
Rice vinegar
about 100 ml
about 3 tablespoons
a small amount
[Ingredients for filling]
Imitation crab sticks
4 sticks
Cream cheese
as needed
Cured ham
6 slices
to taste
Sweet chilli sauce
to taste


1. Cook the rice (using a little less water than the usual amount). Cut the ingredients into long strips of about 1 cm thick (or thinner).
2. Add sugar into the rice vinegar and heat to boil. Add salt to adjust the taste and let cool.
3. Transfer the freshly cooked rice into a Japanese wooden sushi bowl and mix with vinegar. Use a fan to cool off the rice as you mix and let cool. Once the rice has cooled, lay a tightly wrung out cloth on top.
4. Place the plastic wrap, then the dried seaweed, rice and finally the sesame seeds on top of a sushi mat in that order. Spread out a thin layer of rice; enough to see the seaweed below (leave 1 cm of both top and bottom edges of the seaweed uncovered with rice).
5. Flip the seaweed paper over and place the ingredients for the filling. Add a generous amount of mayonnaise and sweet chilli sauce on top and roll.
6. Leaving the plastic wrap on, wet your knife with water and cut the roll into 6-8 pieces and you're done.

Story Behind this Recipe

Many American people think that all Japanese people can make sushi... Because of that, I wanted to make something that would make people happy.