Refreshing Cheesecake with Fresh Orange Slices

Refreshing Cheesecake with Fresh Orange Slices

This golden orange cheese cake is inspired by the hot sun of midsummer. I make my cheesecake very refreshing by using fresh oranges and 100 % real orange juice.

Ingredients: 2 x 15 cm cake pan

~*~For the cheesecake batter~*~
Cream cheese
250 g
50 g
Orange jelly
300 ml
Grand marnier (or any orange liquor)
1 tablespoon
Double cream
200 ml
~*~For the orange jelly~*~
100% orange juice
500 ml
60 g
Grand marnier (or any orange liquor)
1 tablespoon
● Gelatin
15 g
● Water
80 ml
~*~For the cookie base~*~
Whatever biscuits you prefer
2x 1 packet (43 g)
50 g
~*~To top the cake ~*~
Mint leaves
for garnish ^^


1. Make the cookie base. Crush the cookies in the package and transfer to a bowl. Melt the butter in a microwave and stir it into the crushed cookies.
2. Put the crunshed cookies into 2 cake tins with removable bottoms, and press to flatten them. Leave the cream cheese out at room temperature to soften.
3. Make the orange jelly: Combine the ● gelatin with ● water to soften. Heat 100 ml of orange juice and sugar in a sauce pan to dissolve the sugar.
4. When it comes to a boil, remove the pan from the heat. Add the softened gelatin, the rest of orange juice and the Grand Marnier.
5. Make the cheesecake filling. Peel the orange and segment the flesh. Break the flesh up with your hand into small pieces. Reserve the juice.
6. Add the sugar to the softened cream cheese and mix well.
7. Add the orange jelly from step 4 into the bowl from step 6 in several batches. Add the orange segment pieces from step 5 and the Grand Marnier, and mix in.
8. Whip the cream until soft peaks form.
9. Chill the cheesecake filling on a bed of ice, and stir in the whipped cream gently.
10. Pour the cheesecake filling from step 9 into the cookie-crust lined cake tins. Chill in the refrigerator until well set.
11. After the cheesecake filling has set, pour the orange jelly from step 4 on top and chill until set in the refrigerator.
12. Segment the oranges. Use one orange per one cheesecake.
13. Remove the cheesecakes from the tins and decorate on top with the segmented oranges and mint leaves.
14. This is a version with mango cheesecake filling and tropical fruits on top.

Story Behind this Recipe

My daughter and I both love cheesecake. To celebrate the birth of "Yamato," I made a refreshing and summery cheesecake with oranges.