Summer Food!! BBQ Grilled Banana

Summer Food!! BBQ Grilled Banana

When grilled, bananas become surprisingly delicious and sweet! You often get grilled bananas for dessert at barbecues so please give them a try.


to taste


1. Place the banana on the grill as it is.
2. Once the skin starts to blacken, turn it over and grill the other side.
3. When juices start to leak out of the banana that's a sign that it's almost done.
4. Make an incision into the center of the banana and open up the peel. Then eat it! Please be careful not to burn yourself as you open it up!
5. Grill the banana to however cooked you like The more you cook it, the more translucent and sweet the banana will become.

Story Behind this Recipe

Bananas become sweet and delicious when cooked My family have been making these bananas every time we have a BBQ for the past 10 years I always forget to take photos, this time I finally remembered so I could make a recipe.