A Straightforward Recipe for Tonkatsu

A Straightforward Recipe for Tonkatsu

Deep frying is a fun activity and pork is inexpensive. The sauce is easy, too.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Pork loin cutlet
1 slice
a small amount
Vegetable oil
enough to immerse the pork
Flour (cake flour)
about 100 g
1 egg or less
about 100 g
2 tablespoons
Japanese Worcestershire-style sauce
about 100 ml


1. Lay the pork cutlet on a cutting board, and score the surface with a knife. Make the score pretty deep, almost cutting through the meat (This makes the cutlets cook through faster.)
2. Bash the cutlet with the back of your knife evenly. Season with pepper on both sides.
3. Make things ready to bread the cutlet. Arrange the flour, beaten egg, and panko in that order.
4. Coat the cutlet evenly with flour, pressing it onto the surface. Immerse the cutlet in the beaten egg so that the flour absorbs its moisture. Coat with as much panko as you want.
5. Put vegetable oil in a pan and heat over high heat. When you drop panko, it should sizzle and make crackling sounds.
6. Drop in the breaded pork in slowly. Be careful not to burn yourself. Turn over occasionally as it cooks.
7. When the surface has turned a deep golden brown, take it out and drain off excess oil on paper towels lined on a cutting board. If there's no redness when you cut through the meat, it's done.
8. I just mixed ketchup and Japanese style Worcestershire sauce for a cheap sauce. It should be black, not red - that's the right ratio.

Story Behind this Recipe

I learned how to make this from my mother when I was in elementary school. My mother said she learned it from my grandmother when she was in elementary school, too. I'm sorry I'm not a daughter (I'm your son), Mom.