A Cute Bento Item: Crabstick and Cheese Rolls

A Cute Bento Item: Crabstick and Cheese Rolls

Open up a crab stick and roll up with sliced cheese. They look like cute pieces of candy.

Ingredients: 3 picks' worth

Imitation crab stick
Sliced cheese
1 slice
Cute bento picks of your choice


1. Open up the crab stick and lay flat with the wrong side facing up.
2. Put a slice of cheese that's been sitting at room temperature for a while and has softened a bit on the near edge of the spread out crab stick. Roll up tightly without leaving any gaps.
3. If it looks like the rolls is going to open up, wrap it in plastic wrap and leave for a while.
4. Cut off the ends, slice the rest into 6 pieces, and put 2 slices on each pick. Done!
5. I put them in a bento box.
6. I use this crabstick. It opens up very nicely.
7. manamix1975-san tried making it with a shiso leaf added.

Story Behind this Recipe

I didn't have any cherry tomatoes to put in a bento, and it looked rather colorless, so I tried making these. If a similar recipe already exists, I apologize!