Coconut & Pineapple Tropical Gelato

Coconut & Pineapple Tropical Gelato

Enjoy the combination of coconut and pineapples as an iced dessert! Even your kids can enjoy the flavor of piña colada.

Ingredients: makes approximately 800 ml

50 g
Coconut milk
250 ml
Heavy cream
200 ml
Fresh pineapple
1/4 -1/2 of a whole pineapple
(as desired)


1. Use your largest bowl, since you'll be mixing together all of the ingredients into the same bowl that you'll use to whip the cream.
2. Separate the egg yolk and the white. Make a stiff merengue using the egg white and half the sugar. Combine the other half the sugar with the egg yolk and mix until white.
3. Whip the heavy cream until slightly soft peaks form. Add the coconut milk and mix lightly.
4. Either chop the pineapple finely or mash it with a blender (such as a Bamix handmixer) into a slightly coarse paste.
5. The prepping is complete at this point. There's no need to be too precise. Mix everything into the bowl of heavy cream and coconut milk. Also add the meringue and mix well.
6. Pour into a tupperware box and freeze to finish. You don't need to stir it midway.
7. If you mince the pineapple into a smooth paste, the result will be silkier and more like an authentic gelato.
8. Once you scoop up the gelato into serving dishes, try pouring on a tiny drizzle of rum. It tastes amazing, just like a piña colada cocktail.

Story Behind this Recipe

I knew the combination of coconuts and pineapples wouldn't be a mistake, so that's why I tried making this recipe. Using fresh pineapples gives it a crisp, refreshing flavor. Since you're only using a minimal amount of sugar, the gelato doesn't taste excessively sweet even with coconut milk. Rather, it tastes quite refreshing.