Our Simple Pan-Fried Ginger Pork

Our Simple Pan-Fried Ginger Pork

This is a simple pan-fried ginger pork.
Just sear in the sauce to make an easy and delicious dish.
Eat with cabbage, if you like.

Ingredients: 500g

Thinly sliced pork or pork cut for ginger pork
500 g
Ginger (or tubed ginger)
1 piece
☆Soy sauce
3 tablespoons
3 teaspoons
☆Sesame oil
2 teaspoons
☆Roasted sesame seeds
a generous amount
Vegetable oil
as needed
Chopped cabbage
1/3 a head
★Lemon juice
3 tablespoons
★Sesame oil
1 tablespoon
★Salt & ground pepper
as needed


1. Mix the ☆ ingredients together. .
2. Cook the meat. Once the meat is cooked, coat in the sauce from Step 1 and serve on a plate.
3. Flavor the chopped cabbage with the ★ ingredients.

Story Behind this Recipe

I've tired different pan-fried ginger pork recipes, but this is the best! (Plus, it's the most simple).
It's easy to make a large quantity because all you need to do is to cook the meat and coat in the sauce!Plus, your pan stays relatively clean!
When I don't have time, or if I want to eat something simple this is it!