Original Apricot Daifuku

Original Apricot Daifuku

You won't find this in stores! Fresh apricots are very juicy make a really great combination with the sweetness of mochi and bean paste.

Ingredients: 8 to 10 pieces

Fresh apricots (canned or preserved are okay too)
4 to 5
2 tablespoons
150 g
150 g
220 ml
80 to 100 g
Katakuriko (dusting flour, coating flour)
As needed


1. To cut the fresh apricot, slice around its seam, twist it in half and lift out the pit. Line the apricots up in a heat-resistant container, sprinkle with some sugar (not listed) and microwave for 2 minutes.
2. Drain the liquid and pat dry them with kitchen paper. When using canned or preserved apricots, skip Step 1.
3. Fill the indent with a rounded portion of an (photo shows shiro-an).
4. Put the * ingredients in a heat resistant container and mix them. Microwave the mix in intervals of 2 minutes, 2 minutes and 1 minute, mixing after each interval to make a smooth and semi-transparent gyuhi (rice dough).
5. Put the hot gyuhi from Step 4 in a shallow container that is dusted with katakuriko. Divide the hot gyuhi into equal portions.
6. Stretch the portioned gyuhi on your dusted palm. Be careful not to burn your palm with sticky hot dough.
7. Put a filled apricots from Step 3 onto the stretched gyuhi and wrap it by stretching the edges towards the center.
8. Put the seam side down and that's it. The apricot's color looks beautiful through the translucent skin.
9. Daifuku skin is sticky, so put a lot of katakuriko at the bottom or use a sheet of parchment paper.
10. You can make bite-sized apricot daifuku by cutting the apricot into 1/8 (cutting half slice of apricot into four pieces). You can make plenty so this is perfect for the party.

Story Behind this Recipe

My husband uttered the word "Daifuku" just when I was thinking about making sweets with fresh ripe apricots. So, I tried making apricot daifuku.