Homemade White Bread Rolls

Homemade White Bread Rolls

If you've made your own liquid yeast, bake these fluffy white rolls without a bread starter.


Strong (bread) flour
250 g
Homemade liquid yeast (if the yeast is very active, then a blend of 1/2 yeast and 1/2 water is also fine)
160 ml
20 g
Butter (or margarine)
30 g


1. Put all of the ingredients into a bread machine and set to knead until smooth.
2. After the kneading is finished, remove the kneading blade.
3. Form into a slightly flat ball, (or leave as is).
4. Wrap the bread machine in plastic wrap.
5. In the summer, the bread should rise in about 6 hours indoors without air conditioning. During the other seasons, allow it to rise for 6 hours in the bread machine on the yeast-starter setting or the bread-rising setting.
6. If not using the dough rising setting, it will take 8 to 10 hours in the spring and fall at 20°C (room temperature), or 12 to 15 hours in the winter at less than 20°C.
7. The yeast was a bit too strong, so this rose a bit too much, but because it's made beginning with liquid yeast and without a starter, there will be no sour taste.
8. Transfer the dough to a dusted work surface.
9. Divide and roll into balls, wrap in plastic or vinyl, then let rest for 30 minutes.
10. Form the rolls into your desired shape. (I made mine into round balls.)
11. Wrap in plastic wrap or vinyl, and let the dough rise for a second proving. (In the summer, it should take 60 to 70 minutes in a room without AC, and 90 minutes in the spring and fall, 120 minutes in the winter in an unheated room)
12. Please adjust the rising time depending on the room temperature and strength of the yeast. The dough should rise 2.5 to 3 times in height.
13. Sprinkle with bread flour over the rolls, then bake for 12 minutes at 150°C without letting it brown.
14. They're done! You'll be surprised at the taste--it's different from bread made from dry yeast! Your mouth will be filled with the delicious taste of flour and butter.
15. Or apply an egg wash, then bake for about 15 minutes at 180°C to make French rolls. You can also use this dough for making deli bread or sweet bread.

Story Behind this Recipe

Since bread starters needs to be used up within 1 - 2 weeks, I thought it best to make bread directly from liquid yeast, which lasts for a while.