For Bento: Marbled Tamagoyaki with Edamame

For Bento: Marbled Tamagoyaki with Edamame

The texture of edamame contrasting with the egg is delicious. The white and yellow pattern you see on the cut edge of this tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled omelette) is nice. The edamame bulks up this tamagoyaki too.

Ingredients: 2 servings

10 to 20 pods' worth
2/3 tablespoon
2/3 tablespoon
Milk or water
1 tablespoon
★ Oil (to cook)
As needed


1. Put all the ingredients except for the edamame and oil in a bowl and mix very lightly. Heat up the edamame by either microwaving it or boiling it, and take the beans out of their pods.
2. Spread some oil in a tamagoyaki pan. Take out the white only with chopsticks from the bowl, and spread it over the bottom of the tamagoyaki pan. Pour in some of the egg mixture into any gaps. Sprinkle on all of the edamame beans.
3. From here, just cook as you would a regular tamagoyaki, rolling and adding the egg mixture in separate 3 pours. Then you're all done. You have a colorful tamagoyaki using just one pan ♪
4. Shiro dashi is great for flavoring tamagoyaki, since it doesn't make the egg brown ♪
5. Here's a version I made for dinner using fava beans ♪

Story Behind this Recipe

This tamagoyaki is a godsend when you want to add some color to a bento that doesn't have any green vegetables in it.