Mystery Egg?

Mystery Egg?

This is a boiled egg to play tricks with. Teehee... It's a rather extravagant use of egg whites, but it was a lot of fun to sneak one into my husband's lunchbox...

Ingredients: 1 mystery egg

1 egg shell
Egg whites
a bit less than 2 eggs' worth


1. With a washed thumbtack, puncture a hole into the bottom end of an egg.
2. Enlarge the hole bit by bit by with a toothpick, until it is about 1 cm in diameter.
3. Empty the egg through the hole. Use a chopstick or a toothpick to break the yolk. Coax it out by tipping the egg.
4. Gently wash out the inside of the shell with water. Pour in the egg whites. Use a piping bag or a funnel to pour it in neatly.
5. Boil just enough water so that the end with the hole peeks out (you don't want the water to get into the egg).
6. With the hole on top, gently drop the egg inside the boiling water (over low heat) and wait until the outer edges of the egg start to harden. Support the egg with a pair of chopsticks or similar so that it doesn't tip over.
7. Once most of the contents have hardened, lay it down horizontally and boil for another 15 minute. It may spill out of the hole, but it's alright.
8. Once boiled, chill in a cold water bath. Neatly trim off the egg white that's spilled out of the shell and peel the shell as usual.
9. It looks pretty normal from the outside...
10. but when you cut into it, oh my!
11. Try making this when you have plans to use eggs, or when you have egg whites left over.
12. Hey, this might actually be good for dieting since it has no cholesterol .

Story Behind this Recipe

My husband loved it when I tried this surprise on him, so I wrote it up as a recipe.