Cabbage and Chicken Asian Stir-fry

Cabbage and Chicken Asian Stir-fry

Add cumin and Nam pla Thai fish sauce for an unique spin on an Asian stir-fry!

Ingredients: 2 to 3 servings

3 leaves
Chicken thigh
1 thigh
Cumin powder
1 teaspoon
Fish sauce
1 teaspoon
Salt and pepper
to taste
Cake flour
as needed
Black pepper
to taste


1. Cut the chicken into small bite-sized pieces. Season well with salt and pepper, and rub in the fish sauce to pre-season. Coat evenly with flour.
2. Cut the cabbage into bite-sized pieces. You can rip it up by hand if you like.
3. Coat a heated frying pan with oil, and fry the chicken. Cover with a lid halfway through cook until done through to the middle. When both sides have browned, add the cabbage and fry.
4. Add cumin powder, and mix it in evenly. Finally sprinkle in black pepper to finish!!

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a stir-fry with cumin that I composed.