Refreshing Cold Ramen for the Summertime

Refreshing Cold Ramen for the Summertime

Don't you crave something refreshing during the summer?
If you're tired of Hiyashi Chuuka (cold Chinese style noodles), try this ramen!

Ingredients: 1 serving

Chinese-style noodles
1 serving
Sliced tomatoes
1 tomato
Soft-set egg
Green onions
As needed (optional)
Pepper or coarsely ground black pepper
As needed (optional)
A: Water
400 ml
A: Chicken soup stock
1 tablespoon
A: Oyster sauce
1 teaspoon
A: Soy sauce
2.5 tablespoons
A: Sugar
1 teaspoon
A: Salt
2 pinches
B: Sesame oil
1 teaspoon
B: Grated ginger and garlic
1 clove each
B: Vinegar
1 teaspoon
B: Doubanjiang (if you like it spicy)
1 teaspoon


1. Make the soup. Boil water in a pot and add the [A] condiments.
2. When the condiments have dissolved, turn the heat off and add the [B] condiments. Chill the soup in the fridge. (Add white sesame seeds if you like).
3. Boil the Chinese-style noodles. Rinse in water to remove starchiness.
4. Combine the noodles and soup in a serving dish. Arrange the toppings.
5. Sprinkle pepper (or black pepper) and green onions to finish.

Story Behind this Recipe

I had noodles with dipping sauce and tomatoes at a ramen restaurant. It was so tasty that I just had to recreate the dish at home.