Easy Authentic Taiwanese Hot & Sour Soup

Easy Authentic Taiwanese Hot & Sour Soup

Summer makes me crave this soup. It's sour and spicy! Why not try it when you don't have much of an appetite?

Ingredients: 3~4 servings

Pork loin
Silken tofu
150 g
Wood ear mushrooms (rehydrated)
50 g
Cooked bamboo shoot
50 g
Cilantro (or green onion - thinly sliced)
to taste
Seasoning ingredients:
a little more than 2 tablespoons
900 ml
1.5 teaspoons
Black vinegar
3 tablespoons
Pre-seasoning ingredients for pork:
Soy sauce, salt, pepper, cooking sake, katakuriko
a small amount each
To thicken the sauce:
as needed
as needed
To finish:
Sesame oil
a small amount
as much as you like


1. Julienne the tofu, carrot, bamboo shoot, wood ear mushrooms and pork. Marinate the pork with the pre-flavoring ingredients and let rest for 30 minutes.
2. Boil water (not listed), parboil the julienned ingredients except pork. Then drain.
3. Boil the ★ water and dissolve the Weipa. When it reaches a boil, add the pork and separate the pieces with chopsticks.
4. Add the parboiled ingredients to the soup and thicken with katakuriko dissolved in water. Add pepper and black vinegar to flavor.
5. Beat the egg. While stirring the soup, pour in the egg slowly. Add sesame oil to finish, and it's done.
6. Garnish with cilantro. If you don't have it, use thinly sliced green onion instead. Add ra-yu spicy chili sesame oil to taste.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is our family favorite dish when we don't have much of an appetite in summer♪.