Lettuce and Mushroom Rice Flour Crepes

Lettuce and Mushroom Rice Flour Crepes

Fresh, savory crepes. Think of them as a salad.

Ingredients: Makes 10

3 ~ 4 large leaves
Shimeji mushrooms
2 bunches
Sliced ham
5 slices
1 tablespoon
Salt and pepper
to taste
Rice Flour Crepes
Rice flour
Vegetable oil
2 tablespoons
2 teaspoons
a pinch
Vegetable oil
as needed


1. Make the rice flour crepes. Beat the eggs,add the vegetable oil and milk, and mix well. Add the sugar, salt and rice flour and mix until smooth.
2. Heat up a frying pan and coat lightly with vegetable oil. Spread a scant ladle full of batter in the pan to make a circle. When the top is dry, turn it over and lightly cook the other side. Do the same for the rest of the batter.
3. Soak the lettuce in cold water for about 5 minutes, drain well and tear into easy-to-eat pieces.
4. Cut the ham slices in half.
5. Heat butter in a frying pan and cook the mushrooms for 2~3 minutes over high heat. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Remove from the heat.
6. Put a leaf of lettuce on a crepe, and lay the ham and the mushrooms on top,a bit above the middle.
7. Roll up the crepe. Do the same for the rest of the ingredients.
8. Transfer to a serving dish.

Story Behind this Recipe

I have some bright green lettuce that is in season and is just the right size.I thought up a slightly unique salad-like recipe that captures the lettuce's crisp texture and taste.