How to Brew Green Tea

How to Brew Green Tea

When I learned how to brew tea properly at the restaurant where I work, it was a revelation!!

Ingredients: 1 tea pot full

Green tea leaves
1 teaspoon (5 ml; or 2 Japanese 'tea spoons')
Hot water
as needed
2 tea pots (or 1 tea pot and a large cup)
both about the same size


1. Boil some water and prepare 2 tea pots ready.
2. Put 2 "tea spoons" (or 1 regular teaspoon, 5 ml) of tea leaves in one of the tea pots. (Although you should adjust the amount of tea leaves as you'd like).
3. Pour hot water in the tea pot without the tea leaves. The hot water should be slightly cooler than boiling, or the temperature of hot water from a hot water dispensing pot. If you don't have one of those, just boil water and leave it for a while to cool down a little.
4. Pour the hot water from the 2nd teapot into the 1st teapot with the tea leaves.
5. Leave for a while (just count up to 10).
6. Take the inner strainer out of the teapot with the leaves, and set it in the 2nd teapot.
7. Pour the tea from teapot no. 1 into teapot no. 2.
8. Take the inner strainer out of teapot no. 2 again, and put it back in teapot no. 1.
9. By removing the strainer with the tea leaves, the tea in the pot won't keep brewing (and thus darkening and becoming more bitter).
10. Since there are no tea leaves in the teapot with the tea, you don't need to strain it. Just pour it straight from the teapot into cups for delicious tea.
11. You can get another pot of tea from the same leaves ('2nd tea') and it will still taste good. You can use any type of green tea you like.

Story Behind this Recipe

I actually used to be really bad at brewing tea. It was usually too strong or too bitter, but I learned how to brew tea properly at the store where I work, and it was a revelation!!