How to Warm Up Inexpensive Storebought Kabayaki Eel

How to Warm Up Inexpensive Storebought Kabayaki Eel

Even inexpensive supermarket kabayaki eel (eel grilled with a sweet-savory sauce) can be transformed into something delicious using a certain trick. The meat turns tender and light, and the skin crispy and fragrant.

Ingredients: For 1 eel

Pre-cooked eel with sauce
1 teaspoon
Vegetable oil
an appropriate amount
The sauce that comes with the eel
to taste
The amount of eel is approximate. Use as much as you like.


1. To make ready: Aluminum foil, a brush. (If you don't have a brush, use paper towels or something to spread the oil.
2. Leave out the eel until it reaches room temperature. Wipe off any sauce on the surface of the eel, an sprinkle 1 teaspoon of sake evenly over it. Leave to rest for a while as you work through the tasks outline in Step 3.
3. Cut the aluminum foil to fit the oven grill. Brush the shiny side of the foil with vegetable oil, and preheat the grill.
4. Put the eel on the oiled foil skin side down, and grill with medium heat for 3 minutes until the oil on the surface of the eel starts to bubble up and it starts to smell nice. Turn the eel over, brush with the sauce in the accompanying packet, and it's done.
5. Time-saving tips! Since you line the grilling with foil, it won't get dirty. Also, if you leave the eel on the tray it comes in when you wipe off the sauce you'll save yourself some more washing up.
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Story Behind this Recipe

Imported cheap eel turns sticky and hard if you just heat it up and isn't good at all. The usual way to heating readymade eel up are to use a steamer or a frying pan, but both methods take time and effort so I experimented with easier ways to do it. I used eel that cost around 700 yen each for all of my experiments.