How to Peel a Loquat

How to Peel a Loquat

After peeling a huge amount of loquats, I came up with an easy and clean way to peel off their skins without the flesh breaking apart.
It's stress-free and time-saving!


as much as you like
Paring knife
A tea spoon


1. This is all you need.
2. First, cut the the loquat in half, and twist the two sides apart.
3. It easily splits in half.
4. Remove the stem by pulling it off by hand.
5. Peel off the skin before removing the seeds (this way, you can hold it tightly without the flesh falling apart).
6. Remove the seeds. The white part around the seeds is the pesky astringent seed coat.
7. Scoop out the seed coat with a tea spoon, starting from the bottom end of the fruit and moving toward the stem end.
8. It's gone. (The tip of the seed coat is hard to get to, so pick it off by hand.)
9. It's easy and pretty. (The flesh will turn brown soon after cutting the loquat open, so place them in a bowl of lemon water to maintain the color.)
10. How can I use up all these loquats.
11. Loquat jam.
12. Here are dried loquats. Place them on a paper towel and microwave in short increments until dry (be careful not to burn them). They are even sweeter this way.

Story Behind this Recipe

I received an incredible amount of loquats from my parents' house, from which I've been making jam and frozen loquats.
But the more they're handled through removing the skin and seed coats, the more they fall apart.
So, after some struggle, I came up with a way to remove the skin and seed coats easily without the flesh falling apart.