Toast Sesame Seeds

Toast Sesame Seeds

Even if you buy toasted sesame seeds, toast again before use. You'll wonder "Were sesame seeds really this good?" Your cooking will become that much more tasty.

Ingredients: as much as you want

Un-peeled sesame seeds, enough to fill a jar
It's a good idea to make extra
Frying pan
A sealable jar
1 or 2 or whatever


1. It's really nothing special, but I think this is crucial.
2. Nuts taste so much better if you roast them, right? Sesame seeds are the same. No need to buy expensive sesame seeds. Just roast them like this to make them delicious.
3. With just a sprinkle of these, all your dishes will become so much better. The sesame seeds are nutty and delicious.
4. Put the sesame seeds in a frying pan over very, very low heat. Turn and stir occasionally. Toast them slowly and patiently.
5. Keep doing this until the sesame seeds become nutty and fragrant.
6. When they're toasted, they should be subtly fragrant and just a bit colored. You should also be able to crush them easily with your hands.
7. Try taking a pinch. If you think "Mmm, so nutty and fragrant! So tasty!" they should be done.
8. When the sesame seeds are toasted, wait until they have cooled down completely, then put them in a jar and store in the refrigerator.
9. Mix these with salt to use on onigiri, ok? Or use them on vegetable side dishes If you crush the sesame seeds as you sprinkle them on something like ohitashi (blanched vegetables with soy sauce etc.) the sesame seeds will smell great.

Story Behind this Recipe

So, sesame seeds. Even if you buy toasted sesame seeds, toast them again before you use them. They'll be just as good as expensive sesame seeds They'll become so much more fragrant.
Your dishes will become so much tastier!