Roast Corn Rice with Canned Corn

Roast Corn Rice with Canned Corn

Great for bento lunch boxes and dinner as well.
I made roasted corn, a popular festival dish, using canned corn.
It's also delicious with sauce.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Plain cooked rice
1 bowl
Canned corn, whole
2-5 tablespoons
Soy sauce, mentsuyu for roast corn
as desired
* Butter
to taste
* Aonori
to taste
[you can also cook the ingredients with the rice]
Miso, mirin, ramen soup, konbu, umeboshi, kombu tea are also good


1. Drain the canned corn well, and add the corn to a frying pan (don't need oil). Once the moisture has cooked off, add the soy sauce and test the flavor.
2. Add the rice, and top with aonori seaweed if you like. For seconds, mix in a bit of butter for a more western taste.
3. I worry that this might spoil in a summer bento box. Add an umeboshi when you cook it. The rice won't take on the flavor of the umeboshi, and the flavor of the umeboshi doesn't change either. It's mysterious.
4. For lunch on a hot and muggy day, I served lightly-warmed roast corn rice with salted konbu, wasabi, and cold tea. It was smooth and delicious.
5. Cook with minced ginger, sake, canned corn, the canned corn juices, soy sauce, and mentsuyu for a refreshing, delicious taste!
6. Good for onigiri and bentos. My husband used his bento box from kindergarten 43 years ago and had this for lunch. Aluminum containers get really hot!

Story Behind this Recipe

My mother makes steamed corn, and I always roast it with soy sauce. I really love that, but I wondered if it'd go with rice? I like flavored rice better than white rice. So I used a can of corn I had on hand, and added plenty of ginger to come up with this deep flavor. You don't even need a side dish!