Chilled Tofu with Okra and Umeboshi Pickled Plums

Chilled Tofu with Okra and Umeboshi Pickled Plums

Tip for making the okra extra gooey: Cut it before blanching! Okra with umeboshi is a healthy combination in the summer, so I recommend it.

Ingredients: 3-4 servings

1 to 2 blocks (as much as you like)
Umeboshi (remove the pits and chop finely to a paste-like consistency)
Bonito flakes
2 to 4 grams (1 small pack)
Ready-made dashi soup stock (if you don't have this use mentsuyu)
2 tablespoons


1. Massage the okra with a little salt to remove the bristles on the surface, wash off and slice into rounds.
2. Transfer to a sieve. In the meantime, boil about 400 ml of water (an approximate amount).
3. Pour boiling water over the okra in the sieve. Pour very slowly and in circular motion. Let the okra rest and drain until cooled.
4. Transfer to a bowl, mix together very well with the umeboshi paste and bonito flakes, and top on the tofu. It's also great with a little soy sauce drizzled on.

Story Behind this Recipe

Okra and umeboshi go well together. This chilled tofu dish is perfect to enjoy during the summer.