Baked Tomatoes with Parsley Cheese Breadcrumbs

Baked Tomatoes with Parsley Cheese Breadcrumbs

The tomato gets really juicy as the cheese melts while baking.
A quick and easy drinking appetizer that goes well with wine or beer.

Ingredients: 1 tomato

1 large
★ Finely chopped parsley
1 tablespoon
★ Grated cheese
1 tablespoon
★ Panko
1 tablespoon
★ Salt and pepper
a small amount
Extra virgin olive oil
about 1 tablespoon


1. Slice the tomato horizontally.
2. Put all the ★ ingredients in a bowl and mix together well.
3. Line the tomatoes in a heatproof dish, top with the mixture from Step 2, and drizzle on the olive oil.
4. Bake until crispy on top in a toaster oven, and it's done!

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a variation of (Recipe ID: 1145536) Baked Tofu with Cheesy Breadcrumbs, and (Recipe ID: 1156527) Baked King Oyster Mushrooms with Cheesy Breadcrumbs.