Low Calorie Vanilla Ice Cream with Milk and Skim Milk

Low Calorie Vanilla Ice Cream with Milk and Skim Milk

This ice cream is egg-free, cream-free, and gelatin-free.
It's so easy and cheap.
This is also diet-friendly since it's low in calories.

Ingredients: 1-2 servings

100 ml
Skim Milk (or creaming powder)
5 tablespoons
10 g
Vanilla essence
1-2 drops


1. Warm the milk in the microwave without letting it boil.
2. Add the sugar and skim milk to dissolve.
3. Once slightly cooled, add the vanilla essence. Chill in the freezer to finish.
4. The ice cream won't turn out too hard if you mix it midway.
5. Rum Raisin: Mix in some rum raisin in Step 3.
6. Coffee and Walnuts: Mix in some crushed walnuts and instant coffee in Step 3. Dissolve the coffee with a little hot water if it's difficult to mix.
7. Jam: Mix in the jam when the ice cream has half-hardened in the freezer. You can also try mixing in some chocolate spread or peanuts butter ♪ →
8. Mix in at Step 2 if you want it to be mixed evenly.
9. Honey and Maple Syrup: Change sugar to honey or maple syrup. Please adjust the amount, since the level of sweetness is honey > sugar > maple syrup.
10. Black Tea (easy variation): Add 2-3 tea bags into the mixture in Step 1 and warm. Let sit for 5 minutes, then move to Step 2.
11. Here, I dissolved small amounts of matcha in warmed milk and mixed it into the ice cream. Delicious!
12. Rocky Road-Style: Dissolve some powdered chocolate in milk and stir into the mixture. Chill for 2 hours in the freezer, then mix in the chopped marshmallow and crushed almonds.

Story Behind this Recipe

I posted this here for my own reminder since I could no longer find my favorite recipe.