Rich Soy Milk and Egg Custard

Rich Soy Milk and Egg Custard

This is a mild and rich egg custard with soy milk.
Pour a little bitter caramel sauce over the top...

Ingredients: For making 2 medium-sized cups

Soy milk
200 ml
Double cream
15 ml
25 g
Vanilla oil
3 to 4 drops
Slightly bitter caramel
30 g
1 tablespoon
Water for adding to stop cooking
1 tablespoon


1. Make the caramel. Put the sugar and 1 tablespoon of water in a saucepan and heat on low.
2. After it starts to bubble, shake the pan. After the syrup turns dark brown, add another tablespoon of water.
3. The syrup will sizzle, but shake the pan gently to reduce the syrup until you obtain slightly bitter caramel.
4. It is done. Allow to cool and transfer to a dish.
5. Make the egg custard. Get the steamer ready first. I like a clay pot steamer because the heat is very gentle.
6. Beat the egg without making bubbles.
7. Pour soy milk, double cream and sugar in a heatproof dish.
8. Heat the mixture for about 3 minutes in a microwave (stop heating just before boiling). Stir the sunken sugar in the bottom of the dish to dissolve without making bubbles.
9. Add heated soy milk mixture and vanilla oil to the egg and pour through a sieve.
10. Pour through a tea strainer to obtain a very smooth texture.
11. Pour over the mixture into heat proof cups. If you find the bubbles on the surface bring a lighter closer to the bubbles, they will disappear.
12. Cover the individual cups with cling film and put in the steamer.
13. Steam for 4 minutes over a high heat and turn the heat off. Leave to stand for about 10 minutes to heat through gently with the remaining heat.
14. Drizzle the slightly bitter caramel on top...
15. Serve the mild and rich egg custard with gentle soy milk flavour.
16. Makes 2 medium-sized cups or 4 small-sized ramekins like in this photo.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love the way you can still taste the creaminess of the egg in this custard.
This is a mild and rich egg custard with soy milk.