Nothing Wrong With Cutting Corners Simmered French Fries!?

Nothing Wrong With Cutting Corners Simmered French Fries!?

You don't want to eat cold leftover French fries… So try simmering them.
This is the 3rd recipe in my cutting corners series.


French fries
As much as you have
- see Step 1


1. Dilute the mentsuyu noodle sauce as you would for making a dipping sauce for noodles. Prepare an amount that will be enough to cover the French fries.
2. Put the diluted mentsuyu noodle sauce into a pot and bring to a boil. Add the French fries and simmer for 1 minute.
3. Turn off the heat and wait about 2 minutes for the French fries to absorb the flavors. Strain the liquid out with a strainer or pour the liquid out while you hold the lid on the pot.
4. Transfer to a plate and it's done. It's good cold too, so you can pack it in bentos.

Story Behind this Recipe

Once in a while, I go to McDonald's. If the service is really welcoming, I somehow end up ordering a large French fry. But I can't finish them, and I don't really like eating them cold the next day...So, I tried simmering them.