Easy Embossed-Style Kamaboko

Easy Embossed-Style Kamaboko

Use these when you want to fill a small gap in a bento box, or when you want to add a decorative accent. Even I could make these "embossed-style" kamaboko decorations, even though I'm all thumbs.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Kamaboko (preferably one with a colored surface)
1/2 cake


1. Take the kamaboko off the wooden board, and slice on the thick side. If you are making a lot of these, it's easier if you don't slice the kamaboko.
2. Cut out the decorative cuts from the top of the cake in one go. I used the whole unsliced kamaboko cake this time.
3. It looks like this when you take out the cut out parts.
4. Cut a thin slice from the top pink portion of the kamaboko cake, taking off the inside. (As if you were peeling an apple.)
5. Insert the part you cut out in Step 2, into the white peeled part from Step 4. It will look like the flower is sticking out of the cake.
6. Slice off the bottom part of the cut out piece to the height you like. You can make it an even height if you like. The cut off pieces can be used as decoration too.
7. You can decorate the kamaboko pieces even further if you'd like.
8. You can make dog (or cat) paw shapes easily too.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make a bento my child would love without effort. I put one in the corner of her bento, and apparently it was the first thing she ate.