Macrobiotic 100% Oatmeal Bar!

Macrobiotic 100% Oatmeal Bar!

A healthy macrobiotic snack to enjoy between meals Even if you buy oatmeal, you tend to use it once then let it just sit in the cupboard so I recommend this recipe to use it up.
It's good for your body so you can eat it even on a diet.

Ingredients: one 18-21 cm square

2 cups
Nuts & raisins
1/2 cup
2 tablespoons
Soy milk (or water)
50 ml
Canola oil (or olive oil)
1 tablespoon
Maple syrup (or honey)
1 tablespoon
a pinch


1. Add the oatmeal to a heat resistant container and heat for 3 minutes. Once the moisture has evaporated the oatmeal should become quite dry and loose. It's ok if the oatmeal doesn't become very soft but it will be easier to use later on if it is.
2. Once the oatmeal has cooled, add half of it to a food processor and blend, or use a pestle and mortar to grind it down. If you're using a food processor, blend it for approximately 10 seconds.
3. Add the maple syrup (or honey) to the soy milk (or water) and mix well until dissolved. (If you want to heat the mixture in the microwave to do this, feel free.)
4. Once the milk mixture has cooled, add the canola oil (or olive oil) a little at a time and mix. Add the salt.
5. Add the blended oatmeal from Step 2 into the milk mixture and mix well. Add in the rest of the oatmeal, along with the nuts and raisins, folding everything together with a spatula.
6. Gather the dough into a ball and pack the mixture tightly into a square tin or baking tray, trying to make the layer as thin as possible.
7. Add the mixture to an oven preheated to 170°C and bake at that temperature for 20-25 minutes. When it's baked, cut it up while it is still warm. Let chill.
8. Once cooled, store in tupperware or keep wrapped in cling film.

Story Behind this Recipe

I'm really into macrobiotics.
But I also love snacking so I came up with this recipe as a treat to have between meals.
There are lots of ingredient combinations for this recipe but this one is my favourite.
I always have lots of leftover oatmeal so this is a great way to use it up.