Easy Microwave Spinach and Shio-kombu Side Dish

Easy Microwave Spinach and Shio-kombu Side Dish

The spinach is seasoned from the shio-kombu. This is an easy dish to prepare when you need one more to serve for dinner.


1 bunch
2 pinches
Sesame oil
as needed


1. Wash the spinach. Chop into a suitable size.
2. Put into a heatproof container. Cover with plastic wrap or a plate and microwave for 2 minutes.
3. Once it's done, drain the spinach.
4. Put the shio-kombu into the bottom of the bowl.
5. Top the shio-kombu with the spinach, cover again and microwave for 45 seconds. Drizzle sesame oil and season with salt and pepper if it needs more flavor.
6. Serve on a plate and it's done.
7. Pack it in your bento as well!

Story Behind this Recipe

An easy dish when you want to season your usual spinach side dish with a different spin.