Maple Banana Bread With Pancake Mix For Breakfast

Maple Banana Bread With Pancake Mix For Breakfast

You can mix this banana bread together in just 5 minutes. It's full of banana and makes use of the maple syrup that often comes with pancake mix so nothing goes to waste It always sells out at the annual bazaar!

Ingredients: one 20 cm pound cake

Pancake mix
200 g
Whole egg
30 g
Maple syrup
40 g
Vegetable oil
※1/2 cup (200 ml)
50 ml
Vanilla extract
a small amount
2 medium
1 1/2 tablespoons


1. Break the egg into a bowl and beat it together with the sugar and maple syrup.
2. Gradually pour in the vegetable oil and mix. Then pour in the milk and vanilla essence too and mix again.
3. Add the pancake mix, and while the mixture still isn't completely combined, sprinkle in the rum and add in the banana. Mix everything together well.
4. Pour the batter into a tin lined with baking paper and bake the banana bread for 40 minutes at 180℃.
5. Point After the banana bread has been baking for 10 minutes, score 2 horizontal lines into the top to get a good-looking finish.
6. This is how the banana bread looks when it has finished baking.
7. Point: Remove the banana bread from the tin and wrap it in foil to cool. If you do this, it will get nice and moist.
8. If you use New Otani pancake mix, it comes with maple syrup and has a vanilla flavour already so it's really convenient for this recipe and means you can make some delicious banana bread even without vanilla essence.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is the first time that my kid who hates sweet food has ever told me that a sweet snack I've made is delicious.
Thanks to this banana bread I was able to introduce them to more desserts and now they have a huge sweet tooth.
This banana bread is now one of my go-to breakfast recipes.