How to Make Meringue

How to Make Meringue

These are instructions for how to make a basic meringue, which is often used in baked cakes. You'll need to use a hand mixer.


Egg white
(as needed)
(as needed)


1. Put the egg whites into a thoroughly dried bowl. Beat the whites on high speed with the hand mixer until white and fluffy.
2. Add 1 tablespoon of sugar from the amount in the recipe.
3. Continue mixing on high speed to form whipped peaks.
4. When soft peaks have formed, add half of the remaining sugar and continue whipping.
5. Once the sugar has mixed in, add the rest of the sugar and continue whipping until it doesn't fall out of the bowl when held upside down.
6. Lower the speed of the hand mixer to low to give it a sheen.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is meringue, which helps control the amount of expansion when baking a cake. I wrote this for those who aren't sure how to make meringue.