● Macrobiotic Crunchy Easy Cookies ●

● Macrobiotic Crunchy Easy Cookies ●

These crispy easy-to-make cookies are made without any eggs, dairy products, or refined sugars! ♪ Try adding black tea, carob, green tea, kinako, veggie powder, the batter!


Rice flour
100 g
Bread flour (preferably unbleached flour)
100 g
Beet sugar, raw cane sugar, etc
80-100 g
Macrobiotic vegetable oil
80 g
Black tea, carob, kinako, etc. to taste (optional)
2-4 tablespoons


1. Mix the rice flour, bread flour, and beet sugar together. If you are adding in extra ingredients, such as black tea, mix it in at this stage.
2. Add the oil and mix well. The dough is ready when it reaches the same firmness of your earlobes. Add more oil to adjust the consistency.
3. Form the dough into flat round shapes, and bake for 20 minutes at 180℃, then they're done! Once they cool, they are crispy!

Story Behind this Recipe

These macrobiotic sweets are easy to make.