Just 1 Slice Ham Ribbon (Decorative Bento)

Just 1 Slice Ham Ribbon (Decorative Bento)

This will give your bento that extra oomph! The only things you need is a slice of ham and a toothpick! It's so, so cute. If you have just 20 seconds, you can make this.

Ingredients: 1 ribbon

1 slice + 1/4 slice
Toothpick or pick


1. For the ham that will be used as the center section, cut it as shown in the photo.
2. Pinch the whole slice of ham as demonstrated in the photo. (If it gets a little torn, don't worry).
3. Wrap Step 1 around the section where the toothpick is on Step 2, and hold together with the pick. It's done!!
4. Use a straw to poke out some holes.

Story Behind this Recipe

I was experimenting without putting much thought into it, but it somehow came out to be a ribbon. I thought it looked so cute.