Easy! Soya Powder Candies from the Candy Shop

Easy! Soya Powder Candies from the Candy Shop

Easy and instant! There's no other candy that'll make you happy like this one Soya powder is also very nutritious.
You can make as much as you want, and when you want them!

Ingredients: 30 candy cubes

40 g
Sugar syrup
30 g
5 g
As liked


1. Mix the sugar syrup and honey in a microwave-safe bowl. Put the soya powder in a different bowl.
2. Microwave the bowl with syrup and honey for 1 minute at 600W!
3. Sift in the soya powder! Cut in with a rubber spatula.
4. Mix everything together into one large chunk. Cover your workplace with parchment paper and take out the candy dough.
5. Chop up into desired shapes Form into round candies Or, chop into squares like the ones from the mom-and-pop candy shops.
6. Enjoy.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make soya candy sticks that I always got for ¥10 at mom-and-pop candy shops!!