Cheese Cream Blueberry Tart

Cheese Cream Blueberry Tart

Cheese tart, blueberry version Deliciously full of almond cream and berries.

Ingredients: 18cm Tart

Tart crust
Recipe ID: 1070587
Almond cream:
Recipe ID: 1070587
Cheese Cream:
Recipe ID: 1070587
Frozen blueberries
About 70g
Fresh blueberries
As desired
Powdered sugar
as needed


1. Thaw the frozen blueberries (or you can use fresh ones)
2. Spread the almond cream into the chilled tart crust.
3. Embed the thawed blueberries into the cream and bake for about 35 minutes at 180°C.
4. While still hot from the oven, brush rum (unlisted) over the surface.
5. When cool, use a pastry bag to decorate with cheese cream.
6. Optionally dust with powdered sugar.
7. Top with fresh blueberries to finish.
8. The randomly placed berries are so delicious.
9. It has a lovely appearance, so it's great for guests, too.
10. If you wrap individual slices in plastic film, it makes a nice gift.
11. A refreshing cheese cream blueberry tart.

Story Behind this Recipe

Rum raisin cheese tarts are delicious, but this time I wanted to try it with blueberries.
I mixed frozen and fresh berries, but you can switch it up if you like.
The blueberries with cheese cream is refreshingly tasty.