The Absolutely Best Way To Peel Grapefruit

The Absolutely Best Way To Peel Grapefruit

All steps are illustrated with photos. My sweetie has been peeling grapefruit every day for more than a year, and this is his ultimate method that guarantees a clean piece each time!




1. Make a cross cut on top of the grapefruit.
2. Remove the peel from the cuts.
3. The peel is completely removed.
4. Take off the white pith (remove it diligently here.)
5. All the white pith is gone.
6. Gently split the fruit in half so that the segments don't get crushed. (The key is not to try to separate each segment individually.)
7. Make a cut with a knife into the center of a segment membrane.
8. The key is to cut properly into the corners of the membrane. (If possible, cut into the other side as well).
9. Peel off the membrane carefully from the cut.
10. If you take off the white pith completely in Step 4, you can easily peel off the membrane here.
11. Insert your thumb between the segment and the membrane.
12. Gently take off the segment with the whole thumb of your other hand.
13. It comes off amazingly cleanly!
14. Repeat Steps 7 to 13.
15. Keep working until the end without trying to separate the individual segments.
16. Use the cleanly peeled segments as pretty decorations on sweets. See Recipe ID: 1061624.
17. Even soft ruby grapefruit can be peeled cleanly with this method.
18. You can use the peeling method with other citrus fruit like yuzu and buntan citrus.
19. For instructions on how to eat these, check out Recipe ID: 1207497.
20. If you like vinegar, try this drink Recipe ID: 1700675.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is the method my sweetie came up with since he wants to eat cleanly peeled grapefruit every day.
Every piece is cleanly peeled and delicious.