Light and Airy Avocado, Shrimp, and Corn Fritters

Light and Airy Avocado, Shrimp, and Corn Fritters

These fritters contain a generous amount of egg to make airy and light. The fresh green color of the avocado and the creamy texture are pleasing to both the eye and the tongue.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Corn (canned)
1/2 can (About 65 g)
1/2 cup - 100 ml
Egg (medium)
1/4 cup - 50ml
A pinch
Oil for deep-frying
As needed
Lemon and salt
As needed


1. Strain the corn and drain off any excess liquid.
2. Peel the shrimps, remove veins, and cut into 1 cm pieces.
3. Peel the avocado and cut into 1 cm cubes.
4. Blend the ingredients marked * together to make the batter, then add the avocado, shrimps and corn. Mix well.
5. Heat oil to 360F/180C and drop a spoonful of the dredged ingredients and fry until crispy. (I made 6 small fritters from this amount.)
6. Drain off the oil, transfer to a plate, and serve with salt and a wedge of lemon.

Story Behind this Recipe

I found a recipe to make avocado fritters at the supermarket, and thought combining it with shrimp and corn, with the color in mind too.