Jang Sauce

Jang Sauce

This is the recipe for a "jang" style Korean-Asian sauce, which I previously uploaded with a recipe for Jang Sauce Chicken.
You can pour it over food or mix it in. Please try using it in various dishes.


1 teaspoon
Sugar, soy sauce, sake
2 tablespoons each
Grated ginger
1/3 teaspoon
Grated garlic
1 clove worth
Sesame oil
2 to 3 drops
White sesame seeds
1 teaspoon


1. Mix the gochujang, suar, soy sauce, sake, grated ginger and garlic in a small pan. Simmer for about a minute while shaking the pan. Turn off the heat and add the sesame oil and sesame seeds.
2. Season with salt and pepper, and pour on crispy chicken.
3. Try it on a salad of fresh coriander, cucumber and bell peppers.

Story Behind this Recipe

I recently recreated KFC's Jang Sauce Chicken. Another Cookpad user tried the sauce with other dishes besides chicken, and she encouraged me to upload the sauce as a separate recipe. So I did too.