How To Pit Sweet Cherries

How To Pit Sweet Cherries

This saves time and is eco-friendly too! You can easily remove the pits from sweet cherries with things you already have in your house. Jams, pies and tarts will turn out beautifully.

Ingredients: as much as you want

American (sweet black) cherries or other types of sweet cherries
as many as you need
Disposable icing bag tip


1. We'll use this plastic icing bag tip.
2. Be sure to cut off the tip all the way round. If you make a diagonal cut into the tip first it will be easiler.
3. Insert the tip into the stem end of a cherry.
4. Twist to the left and right to insert it. The pit will come floating up.
5. When the pit has come up about 80% of the way, twist the icing tip out.
6. The pit will roll out neatly. The cherry won't fall apart, and there's barely any waste.
7. I could pit 400 g of cherries in about 5 minutes.
8. I made confitures (preserves) with sweet American cherries pitted with this method. Recipe ID: 1137573
9. Recipe ID: 1156011 - and easy microwave version that's not so sweet.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make some preserves with some American (sweet) cherries I bought cheaply, but I don't have a cherry pitter...That's when this method came to mind. You can remove the pits much more cleanly than you can imagine! I was surprised myself! I recommend this when you are giving cherries to small children too, to be safe.