Crispy Fried Onion!

Crispy Fried Onion!

These fried onions make for a savory and crispy accent. I'll show you how to fry them without making them soggy.


1 medium
Cake flour
as needed
Deep Frying Oil
Use in "Chunky Red Chili Oil" Recipe ID: 1135625


1. Prepare the onion. Slice thinly.
2. Heat the sliced onion in the microwave to release its moisture. When the onions become tender, they're done.
3. Lay the onions on a paper towel to dry up the moisture. This is an important step.
4. Sprinkle the onions with flour using a tea strainer.
5. Fill a frying pan with about 2-3 cm of oil and turn the heat to medium. Deep fry the onions while breaking them apart with chopsticks until browned. Then raise the heat to high to make them crispy.
6. Line a paper towel on a small metal tray and lay out the onions on top. Once they have cooled, they're done.
7. These are a delicious accent for salad or hamburgers.

Story Behind this Recipe

Homemade fried onions are the best, aren't they? We use this as a salad topping.