Katakuriko Warabi Mochi

Katakuriko Warabi Mochi

You can make an easy warabi mochi dish with katakuriko. This dish only requires 3 ingredients.
Microwaving instead of cooking in a pot reduces cooking time and dirty dishes.


50 g
50 g
Boiling water
250 ~ 300 ml (※ Refer to the Helpful hints.)
☆ Kinako, matcha, kuromitsu, etc.
as needed


1. Combine katakuriko, sugar, and boiling water in a heatproof bowl, then mix well until smooth.
2. Microwave Step 1for 1 minute at 500 - 600 W. Stir with a moistened spoon. Repeat 3 ~ 4 times. It should look like the photo after the first microwaving.
3. After the second microwaving, it should look like the photo. During the first and second time, the mixture will be at some parts whitish and other parts transparent and sticky. Make sure you stir it with a moistened spoon.
4. After the third and fourth microwave, it will be completely transparent and sticky. Stir, spoon into a round shape, then drop in ice water.
5. When it's well chilled, drain the excess water. Enjoy with ☆ to your liking. Here is a handmade kinako (toasted soy flour) recipe. Recipe ID: 2110735.
6. This is matcha warabi mochi. I added matcha at Step 1.
7. You can also put the mixture into a square mold instead of making a shape with the spoon in Step 4. Chill in the mold, then divide into pieces.
8. This is after the block of warabi mochi (Step 7) was cut into pieces, and sprinkled with kinako.

Story Behind this Recipe

We start to see warabi mochi in the stores in early summer. I created this recipe because I wanted to make a warabi mochi dish with the ingredients I had on hand.